Water Drop Painting: When Art Attracts Peace of Mind

 Art can be manifested in a plethora of ways, by talented artists who are devoted to reveal the hidden magic of simple things which hold great meanings.

Water Drop Painting: When Art Attracts Peace of Mind
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Water is oft-considered as a sign of serenity, peace, and tranquility. Who thought it would also be a source of artistic ideas exhibited thanks to Water Drop Painting?

The south korean painter, Kim Tschang-yeul, is known for his water drops’ delineations in which he finds peace of mind and calmness.

The act of painting water drops is to dissolve all things within the water drops, to be returned to a transparent state of nothingness. By returning anger, anxiety, fear and everything else to emptiness, we experience peace and contentment,Kim mentioned, according to the Korean Times.

It is no secret that mental health is a priority. Discovering a way to heal, undo the clutter, and quiten the chaos is extraordinary.

The 90 years old painter has a prosperous career. The alumnus of the Art Students League of New York has created a great deal of paintings including Gouttes d’eau-pein, Waterdrops, Recurrence SH-9001, and Waterdrops, No. 20.

He initiated his water drop painting journey in Paris with the “Événement de la nuit” depiction. “When I started painting water drops, I used to work on the surfaces that show immediate materiality, such as rough canvas, wood and sand. However, as the picture plane grows bigger, the canvas becomes a barren field left behind when its materiality dissipates,” Kim said, as stated by the Korean Times.

His signature is a combination of water drops as a reference to life and purity, as well as text which allude to reason.

The city of lights may have been among the reasons why Kim has developed a style of his own. 

Inspired by his own life experiences, Kim managed to make himself a legend and create a new perception of art.

Under the spell of his own paintings, the artist was able to heal from the traumas he suffered from due to the Korean War, back in the early 50s. A proof that the water drops are indeed a remedy.

Since hard work always pays off, a Museum was opened after his name by the government of Jeju Province in South Korea. 

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