Cyber Monday 2020

Cyber monday 2020

A researcher in consumer behavior warned against controlling people's consciousness to manipulate their feelings and push them to shop and buy, especially in the discount seasons, and that the human brain finds it difficult to think logically and practically when making a decision on such a day.

British researcher Gareth Harvey, a British researcher in consumer behavior, warned that what he called the consumer goods industry "controls the consumer subconscious by sending specific signals to the consumer" such as playing music and using specific colors and lighting, in addition to the reputation of brands, which play a crucial role. .

In an interview with the website of the German Spiegel magazine, Harvey said that an experiment he participated in proving that a person's eagerness to acquire goods with a well-known trademark makes him rush to acquire these goods because of the mark, "even if the mind tries to prevent the purchase decision. "

Harvey justified this with frequent exposure to advertisements and said, "The longer we are exposed to something, in this case one of the signs, the more we prefer it, and when we prefer something it is difficult for us to reject it, and this is perhaps the decisive motivation behind our decisions under the black plural conditions (which It is called the white plural also in some regions of the Arab world) with accelerated events, so the brands confront us throughout the year with advertisements, so that they have a positive impact at the decisive moment, as is the case in the black gathering.

The British expert specializing in consumer behavior also explained that the human brain finds it difficult to think logically and practically when making a decision on such a day, “where its decision is spontaneous and using the emotional parts of the brain, due to the decline of its logical activity, ”which makes the person impotent at a moment of Moments about knowing whether an item is actually on sale or not.

Harvey pointed out that one of the experiments proved that simply placing a commodity under a sign of a visible yellow color, which is the color known as a symbol of discounts, tempts the consumer more to buy this commodity. After 12 hours of the start of the experiment, four times more than usual, as customers did not pay attention to the written phrase, but were lured by the yellow color, thinking that the beer was reduced. "

Harvey advised the consumer that he should initially adjust himself not to buy something on this day, “If you find something suitable buy it, and if you do not find it, do not buy.” He said that this decision increases the purchases that are made after thinking, and he also advised the consumer to rethink the preference for brands, "You may not find a reason to justify this preference."

The British expert also advised that the purchases be distributed on the day of the reductions over the whole day and not to complete them all at once, "because that makes the person more analyzing the reasons that motivate him to buy.

Harvey believes that using a person's cash payment method instead of paying with a bank card makes him more deliberate, because inserting a credit card into an electronic payment machine does not hurt, while seeing a person's paper money come out of his wallet hurts him.

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