Brain Damage: Another Health Effect of Coronavirus

While Covid-19 is still spreading all around the world, researchers are apprising people that the virus could affect the patients’ brain. 

On Wednesday, a new study was published in the British journal Brain where experts warn that patients could experience serious neurological issues, namely stroke and nerve damage.

The team has recognized a rare condition named Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) that has been spreading increasingly due to the pandemic. ADEM has similar symptoms such as fever and fatigue. 

People affected with brain inflammation were diagnosed with ADEM.

The virus outbreak is still rising, causing not only physical harm, but also mental. In the United Kingdom, A 55-year old woman was warded to the hospital for having plenty of symptoms including cough and fever. After being diagnosed, she was discharged. Still, her husband noticed that she was having hallucinations and becoming delusional.

Furthermore, Covid-19 can do potential damage to the nerves in the body causing pain and numbness.

According to BBC, several studies from all around the world confirm that Covid-19 patients experience a prevalence of neurological abnormalities.

The reasons behind the brain damage are still vague. On the other hand, a theory says that it is the body’s response that causes the damage, not the virus itself.

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